NHS Childsmile Lookup.

posted by Neil Wallace - 26 Jan 2017, 12:37 a.m.

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  • Neil Wallace

Those following the news here will know that where I practice, we have discontinued using openmolar in favour of Exact by Software of Excellence(sic) not my choice, but not my practice anymore.

During a training session today some missing functionality was spotted in Exact, and we got the usual - yeah, lots of people ask for that, we are just waiting for the programming team to get around to it.

Screw that, I thought, I've already written that for openmolar, so let's make a tiny standalone app and port it to windows.

It's a single python file. Repository is on github. https://github.com/rowinggolfer/childsmile-lookup

Windows executable can be found in this web directory HERE.
I will let the trainer have a play with it tomorrow. Perhaps convince her of the benefits of an open source development model.

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