Manually Create a Database

Should you wish to create a database avaoiding the "first run" dialog, thiese instructions should help you do so.
  1. Locate the following files. (On gnu/linux distros these should be in the folder /usr/share/openmolar/resources/)
    • schema.sql
    • minimal_data.sql
    • demo_data.sql
    • triggers.sql
    copy these files over to the computer which is providing your mysql or mariadb server.
  2. Issue the following commands.
    When prompted use the password you created for the mysql root user when you installed mysql.
    On some ubuntu distributions this defaults to the login password of the user who installed it.
~$ mysql -u root -p openmolar < schema.sql
~$ mysql -u root -p openmolar < minimal_data.sql
~$ mysql -u root -p openmolar < triggers.sql


If you want to have a sample patient in your database, also issue this statement.
~$ mysql -u root -p openmolar < demo_data.sql