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posted by Neil Wallace - 6 Mar 2018, 6:21 p.m.

Due to some "interesting" professional circumstances, I have documented here how I no longer use openmolar as my practice management system.

One upshot of this is I have been forced to get to know "Exact" from "Software of Excellence" (sic) , and "R4" from Carestream Dental.
Some of my patients (friends mainly) now have a dental record spread over those three systems.

Exact tried to migrate the data from openmolar, and created a record for each. They did an appalling job resulting in 90% data loss (estimate), but that is a different story.
For R4 new records were created.

Having examined the schemas behind R4 (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2) and Exact (Proprietary binary nonsense), I have been scratching my head over how to proceed.

The epiphany is that a patient (such as myself) with information on all three systems, has 3 records. Merging that data into any one system is a hugely complex issue, but this intermediate standardisation will be a sensible first step. There will be contradictory data, overlapping data by definition.

I have decided today that the way to do this is to create a flexible dental record format, and write scripts to pull what I can from each.
IT IS MY SINCERE WISH THAT I CAN MAKE THIS DENTAL RECORD FORMAT INTO A RECOGNISED STANDARD FORMAT - perhaps registered with the iso. I will make all xsl stylesheets available open source and welcome input from any genuinely interested source.

Having began some work on this, I realised that I should code a basic "dental record viewer" and put it online.

Ultimately - could this lead to a central database / website (for example where a patient can securely share their information between clincicians?


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